Western Washington Home Prices

Western Washington Report

Year-over-year price growth in Western Washington continues to taper. The average home price during second quarter was $540,781, which is 2.8% higher than a year ago. When compared to first quarter of this year, prices were up 12%.

Home prices were higher in every county except King, which is unsurprising given the cost of homes in that area. Even though King County is home to the majority of jobs in the region, housing is out of reach for many and I anticipate that this will continue to act as a drag on price growth.

When compared to the same period a year ago, price growth was strongest in Lewis County, where home prices were up 15.9%. Double-digit price increases were also seen in Mason, Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, and Skagit counties.Change in Home Prices

The region’s economy remains robust, which should be a positive influence on price growth. That said, affordability issues are pervasive and will act as a headwind through the balance of the year, especially in those markets that are close to job centers. This will likely force some buyers to look further afield when searching for a new home

Here is a link to the full report

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We Are Thrilled to be Finalists in HGTVs Most Incredible Listings

HGTV Finalist - The TreehouseValerie Schindler represents a property selected as a finalist in the 2018 HGTV Ultimate House Hunt, a month-long online promotion being held on HGTV.com from June 12 through July 17. During the contest period, consumers vote for their favorite homes among 88 finalists in eight different categories.  Click HERE TO VOTE for the Treehouse in the Extreme Homes Category

The listing was selected by editors of HGTV.com as a finalist in the Extreme Homes category, based on its extraordinary features and inspirational design, captured by striking photography. Additional categories include Amazing Kitchens, Curb Appeal, Global Homes, Homes with a History, Modern Masterpieces, Urban Digs and Waterfront Homes.

This is the seventh consecutive year HGTV has aligned exclusively with Windermere Real Estate global real estate network Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and its luxury marketing division Luxury Portfolio International® to host the Ultimate House Hunt, which is one of the most popular contests on HGTV.com.

“We are thrilled that The Treehouse was selected as a finalist in HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt contest. The home was designed by renowned architect, Tom Bosworth, who captured the essence of the property’s environment and translated it into a beautiful and unique home.” The property owner comments: “Nestled in a vibrant green rainforest, surrounded by enormous Doug fir trees and bordered by pristine Dabob Bay, this modern-day Treehouse has an amazing spirit. It is an architectural treasure that sits gently on the forest floor nodding gracefully to its environment. As cliche as it may sound, every time we walk into this home our souls are renewed and the clutter of day-to-day life truly does disappear and we are left feeling extremely present and content in this small, undiscovered corner of western Washington. It’s a breath of fresh air.” Valerie Schindler, Owner/Designated Broker, Windemere Hood Canal.

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Spring Beauty and the Weather Beast

Hood Canal early March 2017

View of Hood Canal

Weather in early spring can be a fickle beast, and sometimes keeps us from enjoying the beauty of the Hood Canal region.

Hoping to get a clear sunny day for a mountain hike, a warm day to go clamming or work in the garden, a calm day to take the boat out, or a clear night to have a campfire and view the stars,  we sometimes curse the beast! Maybe it just feels worse this year because February and March were more rainy than normal.Spring Crocus

But just like the movie, the secret to welcoming the beast is to accept it for what it does; creates Snow-capped Olympic mountains, cascading waterfalls, rainbows, and the lush Olympic Forest with all its inhabitants.  Including Skunk Cabbage as long as its down-wind.

Skunk cabbage

Pretty skunk cabbage


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Winter at Hood Canal

Winter days at Hood Canal can be cold and clear, making for wonderful hiking.  The summer crowds are gone and the local elk can often be seen.

On the flip side, winter storms come through whipping up whitecaps on Hood Canal and sometimes hammering us with rain.  This is a great time for inside home projects, like Artfully Organizing your Bookshelf.  When you are done with that, put you feet up and enjoy a good book…

Looking for inspiration for a new read? My go-to places are:


The Library and Overdrive

Barnes and Noble




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Fall Home Tune Up Projects

Before the wet and cold weather arrives, makes fall the best time to tackle home maintenance projects that are vulnerable to the weather.

For ideas, check this list of the top things to take care of before the bad weather sets in: The List

Even the best handyman or woman doesn’t know it all. So we’ve put together a list of local service providers that may be able to help: Service Providers

Of course, you can always search the internet for fixit tips and home maintenance “how-tos” We’ve put together some popular ones below.






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Crabbing Hood Canal

September 5th is the last day of the summer crab season on Hood Canal. Here are helpful crabbing tips. Enjoy!

Crabbing Hood Canal

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Dig Clams?

Low Tide Hood Canal

  • Last call for Crabbing – through Sept 5th on Hood Canal – Details
  • Daytime Shellfishing – through Sept 2nd – The Beaches
  • Free Fishing – through August 30th – Here's Why
  • Free Olympic National Park Entry – through August 28th for Centennial – Map

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6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Vacation Getaway

Hood Canal Vacation

Hood Canal is a favorite vacation getaway. It's only two hours from Seattle and offers so much in the way of waterfront enjoyment like boating, fishing, shellfish, kayaking and beachcombing. Its a hiker's paradise here in the foothills of the Olympic National Forest and National Park. It is remote, yet only two hours from the Seattle metropolitan area. Our market is primarily second homes, vacation properties and is home to many retirees. If you are considering purchasing a vacation getaway, here are some things to think about and get you inspired:

Location. How often will you use it? Is it easy to get to? Do you have to wait in ferry lines or take a plane to get there? The harder it is to get to, the less likely you will use it. If you can't be there very often, can you hire someone to keep it maintained? Is it on a sunny hillside or in a cool valley. How will the weather impact the location. Will your view be affected by anything in the future? Are there any safety issues like weather, floods, fire? How about the crime rate. The great thing about having a weekend getaway is that you can keep it supplied so you don't have to pack and unpack every time you go there. Be sure your stuff is safe and not vulnerable to theft.

Fun and Recreation. What is your lifestyle? Do you need movie theaters, concerts, restaurants or other venues to keep you entertained? Or are you looking to get away from it all and experience the outdoors on a regular basis. 

Services. What kind of services do you expect. Emergency response. Health care. Will you need good health services and if you do how far away are they? How far do you have to drive for groceries? Is there public transportation?

Costs. How much would you have to invest to get the kind of place you would enjoy? How will you finance it? Consider tax advantages. If you are looking at land, can you get utilities and how much will that cost you? Is the area a good investment in the long run if you have to sell? Would it be appealing to others as a vacation rental? If so, would the covenants allow short term rentals? Will you eventually retire there? If so, think about how you might handle spending your old age there.

Spend some time there. Stay in the peak season and during the slow season. Talk to the locals. What do they like about the area? Anything to watch out for? Get to know the prime neighborhoods and the ones to avoid. To save time, make sure to work with an agent that knows the area well.

Family and Friends. Do you have friends and family that will come and visit? Do they have campers, or do you need to put them up? During the peak season expect regular visitors. Its part of the fun to have friends and family over. How will that affect what you buy?

If you do your homework up front you will find that your getaway will reward you with fun and relaxation for years to come. You'll continue to discover special places to explore and create heart-warming memories for you and your family.

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